Jill’s series, The Art of Awareness: A Five Week Jumpstart Program Integrating Relaxation techniques with Gentle Bodywork, is truly a gift of life. Jill has a graceful, confident and knowing way of leading to our inner most selves that needs the attention to be present with what arises in our immediate surroundings, our lives, and relations. By teaching how to notice and guide openings of increased awareness, Jill does the work the world most needs to be a sane and peaceful place to live. Combined with intuitive bodywork, Jill’s unique approach to intentional body awareness is a massage for the mind and spirit as well. Her approach is both comprehensive yet open, guided yet self-responsible, gentle yet active, and most significantly profound yet simple. Her words, insight and touch have and will remain with me far beyond the sessions.
— Elizabeth Graff
Jill’s five session relaxation and gentle bodywork program: The Art of Awareness, was such a blessing to me. Each session was an expression of self-care through gentle massage, loving presence and playful exploration. The sessions provided me with various ways to promote self-awareness, inner peacefulness and connection. I found myself looking forward to the deeply connective time that Jill created for me. As the weeks progressed I found myself becoming quiet and noticing the activities and movement in my life with new awareness. The gentle bodywork each week was a gift to my body and to my soul. With each new week, I couldn’t wait to see what new technique or approach she was going to share with me. Jill’s presence and gifts can be the beginning of a new way of taking care of every part of your being. I encourage everyone to sign up – Your body, spirit and mind will thank you!
— Barbara Rose
I had been seeing Jill Lawrence regularly for the past few years for Reiki healing. During each and every session I benefitted from her subtle energy work with me. I achieved some of the deepest relaxations I have ever experienced under her healing hands. I could literally feel negative blockages being removed. She helped me keep my chakras “in line” and behaving themselves! I deeply and sincerely am grateful for her assistance and guidance on my personal spiritual journey. Namaste Jill.
— Teri Newsome




Jill Lawrence is an astounding presence in the world. Jill has been in many programs with Tessa Chittle and I (Kimberly Johnson), including recently being a speaker on the 2013 Revolutionary Living Telesummit discussing her Revolutionary Healing and Body Work in the world! Jill as a speaker is amazing and pure, she not only brings her experience and back ground but she brings her full heart into everything that she does! If you are looking to discover your healing, body and existence in a new way in the world, Jill is the girl to call on! Tessa and I both feel honored to know Jill and just as honored to call her a colleague!
— Kimberly Johnson, Revolutionary Living Institute
A session with Jill is something different entirely. It’s an experience, sometimes peak, and will leave you deeply refreshed and energized. She has found herself with a unique skill-set and approach that makes her singularly unique and simply excellent. One time in particular, I left her studio elated, on cloud nine. She’s very very good.
— John Brunsfeld
I am a 29 year old male who has recently made ends meet as a tree-worker (“urban logger”), but I typically do biological research as a graduate student. Even when I think that I am aware of the state of my physical or emotional well-being, Jill’s work always re-introduces me to myself and makes me feel more able to answer that ubiquitous question: “how are you?” I’ve found her work to be a worthwhile experience that helps me to see things with a fresh perspective, integrate life-changes into my daily rhythm, and use my time more efficiently. Jill facilitates her patients to be their best, most balanced selves - from the inside out.
— Ehren Moler, Spring 2014




I had a Relaxing Spa Facial with Miss Jill Lawrence, it was amazing! She has such a gentle touch. I think I am ready for another! Love this gal!!
— Paula Nygaard


Massage Therapy


Jill Lawrence has been my massage therapist for the past year and I cannot say enough about her skills, knowledge and expertise. From the moment I walk into her office and smell the wonderful aroma of massage oils, I know I am in for an amazing experience. Before each session, Jill talks with me about how my body is feeling, then, she tailors each massage to be most beneficial to my specific needs. Jill’s massage practice is complimented with the idea of cultivating mindfulness. Thanks to her mindful coaching, I am able to reach a state of relaxation that I cannot achieve in any other situation. I really appreciate the time I spend with Jill and look forward to each unique massage session.
— Mary Packer
With all the health benefits of massage, I wanted to schedule a session for my 93-year-old grandmother. This was not an easy task as she has problems with mobility and is diabetic. While these circumstances create more than a few obstacles, Jill Lawrence was very willing to see my grandmother and was determined to give her a wonderful massage experience. Jill was gracious, caring, understanding and made the experience a very positive one. Jill made a special trip to bring in a massage chair since my grandmother could not use the massage table and coached her through each step of the massage, making her feel at ease. Thank you to Jill for her positive energy and allowing my grandmother to have this beneficial experience.
— Krisi Packer & Mary Packer
I went to see Jill after my mother gave me a much needed gift certificate for a 60 minute massage. Most relaxing comfortable 60 minutes that I have had since I got pregnant. I thought it might be uncomfortable because I had to be on my side not my stomach but she propped me up with pillows and it was like I was in bed cuddling with all my pillows at home only with someone rubbing my body with great smelling oil and easing me into a state of being that I have never been able to achieve. I became so relaxed that I found myself nodding off only to be awoken by my own snoring. Being pregnant it has been really hard for me to relax so completely but the perfect pressure and gliding movements really did the trick. I’m really happy that I got to try her and I absolutely plan on going back often.
— Sierra Valentine



I get so many compliments when I wear Jill’s earrings! The copper looks gorgeous with the stones she chooses, and I feel like I’m adorning myself with magical objects when I put them on. Thank you for such a beautiful gift, Jill, and for infusing such bright energy into something that can be shared with us all!
— Katie Gordon, Crafter of Potions and Gatherer of Bones for Wild Grace