The Year Ahead Spread: 2017

Tarot spread for the year ahead, 2017. The inner circle of cards are The Wild Unknown Tarot. The outer circle of cards are The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit (oracle deck). The cards are laid out like a clock, January is represented in the 1:00 space, December is represented in the 12:00 space. The middle cards are my "theme" or "guiding light" cards for the year.

For me, the new year brings with it the year ahead tarot spread. (A link to the tarot spread can be found here.) This spread's intent is to paint an overall picture of the coming year with a card representing each month and a card representing a theme for the year. I used The Wild Unknown Tarot and additionally, The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Oracle.

Theme of 2017:  Three of Pentacles & Horse.

January:  Seven of Wands & Elk.

February:  Mother (Queen) of Pentacles & Bee. 

March:  Five of Pentacles & Dragon.

April:  Justice & Whale

May:  The Hanged Man & Peacock.

June:  Son (Knight) of Swords & Owl.

July:  Five of Swords & Cheetah.

August:  Mother (Queen) of Swords & Beaver.

September:  Temperance & Spider.

October:  The World & Buffalo.

November:  Daughter (Page) of Swords & Wolf.

December:  The Star & Oyster.

Another view of my 2017 year ahead tarot spread. I used a black and white filter for this picture because I like the way The Wild Unknown decks look in this pared down light.