Tarot Thursday Three

Julia of Spiral Sea Tarot is inviting bloggers to answer three questions about tarot on Thursdays. Check out the hashtag #tarotthursdaythree to discover more folks who are answering the siren's call to write about the tarot.

1. Classic deserted island scenario: you're stranded for a year on an island, but you can bring along one companion. Who from the court family keeps you company? I would bring the Queen of Pentacles with me. She would encourage me to enjoy my time on the island and embrace solitude and sacred self-care.

2. What are off-limit topics for you; inquiries that make you say "I won't go there"? Or is anything fair game? I have not read tarot for people for very long. I haven't had any instances when a person has wanted to discuss a topic(s) in a reading that I felt uncomfortable approaching. I am not a mental health professional, and my services are not a substitute for the expert guidance of a counselor. If someone came to me with issues of abuse, suicide, or mental health challenges, I would be eager to refer them to a licensed counselor or doctor.

3. How do you get "in the mood" or mind-frame to read? I take quiet time in my sacred space and do qi gong exercises. After a few minutes of qi gong, I will close my eyes and feel the sensations in my body and literally "get present" in the skin I'm in. This helps me feel connected and breaks up any feelings of being scattered or ungrounded. Being given the privilege to be of healing service by friends and clients is something that I take seriously, and I take time for myself in order to feel present, attentive, and clear.

Full moon tarot spread with the Smith-waite centennial deck and the Motherpeace tarot.