Tarot Thursday Three

Julia of Spiral Sea Tarot is inviting bloggers to answer three questions about tarot on Thursdays. Check out the hashtag #tarotthursdaythree to discover more folks who are answering the siren's call to write about the tarot.

1. What was your first time like giving an in-person reading? Where were you? How did you feel? Spill the deets! The first time I gave a reading was at a birthday party. I was hired to give hand massages (I am a licensed massage therapist) and talk about chakras with the party attendees. I felt excited, and thought here I am, getting to talk about chakras with people and use these beautiful cards! I fanned out the seven chakra cards of The Triple Goddess Tarot deck and had each person pick one of the cards. I talked about the energies of the chakras and specifically explored the card they chose.

2. Have you ever had a negative client response to one of your readings? How did they react and why? How did you respond back? The only "negative" response I have had about one of my readings was something I overheard after I was done giving hand massages and chakra readings at the party. As I was walking toward the kitchen I overheard some of the party attendees talking about the chakra cards they picked, one person said I got the chakra that is about sexuality, and scrunched up their face. The person had picked the card for the 1st chakra. I felt embarrassed that I had even said the word "sexuality" when describing the 1st chakra. I felt like I had done something wrong or said something that I shouldn't have. I am willing to bet that I had more of a negative experience when I was feeling doubt and embarrassment than the person who received the reading did. I didn't respond because I pretended I didn't hear it. I was too shy and embarrassed to enter the conversation.

3. Have you ever been challenged by a skeptic regarding tarot? What was your experience like? A person found out that I offer tarot readings and said I wish I didn't know that. That is something you just don't do. The person's body language toward me changed. I apologized that she felt uncomfortable and explained that I had no intention of making her feel such a way. This experience opened my eyes to the stigma of negativity and evil that surrounds the tarot to this day. I use the tarot cards as a self inquiry tool. The cards act as a mirror, reflecting our life journey. I have found tarot cards to be a healing tool in my life and the lives of others.

Playing with the Lumina Tarot (left) and the Connected and Free Oracle (right) for the first time.