August Tarot Challenge on Instagram

I'm joining Lindsay Mack for a tarot challenge this month. There's still time to join us! Head over to Instagram to see the beauty and support we are creating.

What's a tarot challenge? Our host, Lindsay has created a list of prompts, one for each calendar day. Every day we ask the question and let our tarot decks be our guide, pulling a card or cards. We take a picture of our card(s) and tell a story about what our reading means for us. 

Joining a tarot challenge is a wonderful way to explore the world of tarot and get to know your deck. The cards point to themes that we are working with, shine light in dark places, and mirror back our deepest selves. How could that be? Pick up a deck and you'll find out!

I'm using The Wild Unknown Tarot deck by Kim Krans.