SkyHands Massage Therapy

A feel good treatment for the whole body. I specialize in Swedish Massage techniques that are truly relaxing and bliss inducing, weaving pressures from light to deep. My approach is full body, touching on scalp, face, neck, shoulders, back, abdomen, arms & hands, and legs & feet. Do you have areas that need extra work? A 90 minute session is great for these times, that way there will be time to explore problem areas and get the benefit of a full body approach. Only have time for 60 minutes? We will work on the areas of the body that need more attention first and pepper in the rest of the body as we can.

60 Minutes  $75

90 Minutes  $100


Polarity Therapy

Polarity Therapy is a deeply relaxing style of body work. The purpose is to address the soul. We begin the session by painting a picture of how you are physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually; from here, we create an intention.

Polarity Therapy has varying types of pressure, rocking, and stillness. I incorporate breath-work and sound healing (toning.) I engage you in a dialogue using the felt-sense technique. As you notice what sensations are happening moment to moment, you become even more relaxed. It's wonderful.

Clothing is worn for this session. Please wear (or bring with you to change into) loose, comfy clothes.

90 Minutes  $100 


Relaxing Spa Facial

A Relaxing Spa Facial is a treat for your skin. This treatment is a symphony of textures, scents and brings together: cleansing, steam towels, gentle exfoliation, cool stones, moisturizing, and a honey rose mask. Massage for face, décolleté, shoulders, and scalp. Ends with warm towels on feet and decadent foot massage.

75 Minute Treatment  $95

45 Minute add-on mini facial (must be added on to another service)  $65


Herbal Pedi-Care

A foot treatment for all seasons. Begins with a warm herbal and salt foot soak, cleansing, and exfoliating scrub that is home-made with apricot kernel meal. Next is a warm foot mask that is made with lavender buds. Warm booties follow. As you rest, a soothing scalp massage. Finished with steam towels and massage for your feet.

45 Minute Herbal Pedi-Care  $65

This is a wonderful treatment on its own. It can be added on to a Massage, Reiki, Polarity Therapy, or Relaxing Spa Facial session.

Foot Soak with Tea

Begin any service with a foot soak, complete with healing bath salts and essential oils.

20 minutes  $20


Reiki is a healing technique that accesses universal love and consciousness to promote well-being, restore wholeness, and bring one back to center. Reiki can be given and received from a distance. When I meet with you in person for a Reiki treatment, I will primarily perform hands-on Reiki.

Clothing is worn for this session. Please wear (or bring with you to change into) loose, comfy clothes.

60 Minutes  $75

90 Minutes  $100

Eco-Fin for Hands & Feet

Eco-Fin is an Eco-Friendly alternative to Paraffin Dip. Made of jojoba, coconut, palm, and soy oils, plus vitamin E, and shea butter, it is deeply moisturizing for hands and feet. Liners for mitts and booties are made of bio-degradable plastic. This is a nourishing treatment: warming, relieving, and softening.

Eco-Fin Treatment for Hands  $20  

Eco-Fin Treatment for Feet  $20

Eco-Fin Treatment for Hands and Feet $40


Tarot Card Readings

The tarot is a tool for transformation. The cards are a mirror, reflecting back where we are in the present moment and what direction we are being invited it. Tarot readings can cause powerful shifts in our perception. And bring us back to ourselves ~ our true north.

30 Minutes $40


The Creative Approach to Well Being

A six week, one on one program. We take a creative approach to our life that restores our well being. This program is a convergence of hands-on creativity practices with body work and spa treatments. You will learn techniques and tips to approach your everyday life with more fun and creativity. 

6 sessions $725

The Art of Awareness

The Art of Awareness: A five week jumpstart program integrating relaxation techniques and gentle bodywork. 

5 sessions $600