Won't Fall for Tricks

What does the muse want?

Not a damn thing

the muse wants to be with you

move thru

jangle your stiff toes

slip out 

the back door with the cat

sneaky, knows your tricks

won't fall for 'em

When I think of the muse, a report I wrote about the poet Rita Dove comes to mind. I read an interview a journalist had with her, and she described that she would trick the muse by taking out the trash. I can't get the muse to come to me, her nature is elusive, like a cat. Set out the bait and wait, she will only appear on its own desire. A wild whim, like we. Like you. Like me.

Don't do a thing

to try and get her.

Onyx and Moon being sneaky.

Jill LawrenceComment