Welcoming the Muse

Understanding is the ultimate seduction of the mind. Go to the truth beyond the mind. Love is the bridge.
— Stephen Levine

I've been quiet the past week. It wasn't just the holiday weekend that kept me focused inward. A piece by Lindsay Mack (read it here,) has inspired curiosity about the way I shine my light in the world. The below excerpt, got right to the core of my heart and beyond the pushing of my mind. Lindsay, this piece was the impetus for me to slow down and listen. Thank you.

If we are shining our light in a strategic way, trying to call in who we THINK we should be around — that is going to get transformed. It is simply too exhausting to keep up a false face forever. Be willing to consider that you can beam out your true self and have life be so much easier. Be willing to upgrade that belief: that who you think you should be is better than who you really are. It’s never been true...
— Lindsay Mack

I have given myself permission to pause. It's a bit uncomfortable. Each inhale, melting constriction. Each exhale, body-shuddering and answer deep.

Three of four months ago, my first blogging project, The Feel Good Idea Of The Day, began feeling stale. I felt the tug to start something new. I created a blog tab in the website template and titled it "new muse." In the meantime, I continued writing The Feel Good Idea Of The Day. I installed a new design template. I started a blog about the tarot, (check it out here.) I am excited about my first tarot post and my robust voice singing onto the page...Still, it just wasn't getting it. That place where a fuller self could settle, wasn't happening. This post is the creation of that place, a full and desired place.

The Feel Good Idea Of The Day (TFGIOTD) was inspired by a conversation with my husband while I was creating this website in April 2014. I wanted a blog, but wasn't sure what to focus on. TFGIOTD has been successful; it's gotten me writing again. It's inspired consistency. It's become a body of work. I'm proud of it. At this time, I feel I will continue to create posts for TFGIOTD, yet it won't be three times per week as it has been the past 2+ years. I don't know how often it will be.

Look out baby, there's a new muse in town! My intention is to create more authenticity with my writing. I wrote a post about transparency and kindness (read it here,) that I would like to share with you. I want to connect with you. Truly, I do. I want it with ease and grace. Since I've given myself permission to let go of TFGIOTD I have been making typewriter poetry, and I'm so excited to share it with you soon! I'm letting the muse work through me, as me. Permission is powerful! I have been receiving permission sparkles from birdie fairy, as drawn by Robin Hallett. These sparkles are infusing my life with ease, and a feeling that I can beam out my true self more and more.