The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: Young At Heart

Window display, downtown San Francisco, CA. 23 August 2015. 

Tragedy, sadness, loss, freakout. We feel the weight of the world, it's a heavy beast. Difficult events happen. Uncomfortable emotions seize us. When we look within we can see no way out.

When times are hard for me, I will journey within and see if I can sense my youthfulness, my freedom in my heart. "Young" is not the preferred word I would use to describe my heart, I resonate more with the word "timeless."

Timeless. My heart does not know time. It doesn't subscribe to a timeline: when she says she is sorry I will feel peace or when I finish exercising I will feel better about myself.  None of that. My heart doesn't know time. It knows how to love. My heart is young. My heart remains unbiased, unjaded and true-blue. My heart hasn't grown up. It never grew up, she's still a wild-child and a joyful one at that. 

Young. Timeless. They appear to be synonymous with heart.