The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: You Know What To Do

The crocus pushes thru the dead grasses and pine needles.  The flower knows what to do, it knows--that it is on this Earth, and it's purpose is to bloom.   

The crocus bears a special purpose, it is typically the first flower to bloom; it is a messenger of Spring.  Silky petals of purples and oranges, bring a smile to our faces--look! Crocuses are in bloom!

I ask you, Feel Good Crew; what do you know how to do?  What way of Feeling Good is innate to you?  Maybe it's painting or dancing.  Cooking or taking a walk.  Organizing or reading.  Designing or photography.  I invite you to give yourself the gift of doing what you know how to do.  My hope is this activity will offer you a sense of comfort and empowerment.  You will find me doing what I know how to do:  dancing.