The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: Write in the Morning

Grab a journal and Write in the Morning.  12 November 2014.  

One pathway to Feel Good (tried and true by yours truly) is to Write in the Morning.  Made famous by Julia Cameron's book The Artist's Way, her exercise she calls Morning Pages is a wonderful way to start out the day.  Begin by writing a page, just stream of consciousness--whatever is at the front of your mind.  Let your thoughts pour onto the page.  Let those thoughts pour onto the page, open the gates.

Is writing Morning Pages a practice that you use often?  You're part of The Feel Good Crew, please share in the comments below about your experience.  

In the healing arts program I created, The Creative Approach to Well-Being , one of the activities we do is Writing in the Morning.  Writing the Morning Pages is a tool that brings a person closer to their creativity.  Not because the writing is creative, but because the moving whatever the writing is about OUT OF THE WAY creates an opening where our creativity can grow.  

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