The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: Write a Poem

Found poetry at the Moscow Food Co-op bulletin board. Moscow, Idaho. September 2015.

The story goes something like this, I was at the Moscow Food Co-op and I checked out the bulletin board on the way out. There was a poem by Kari hanging there, and I had to snatch a picture. Kari, if you're reading this, the poem you wrote brought joy into my life, thank you! If you're wondering about the worm she mentions, we have a unique species of earth worm in our region:  the giant palouse earthworm.

Poems are fun to write. Writing is one of my old standbys, it is a comfort to pick up a pencil (or typewriter) and get after it. Kari shared her poem and fantastic drawing on a bulletin board and inspired me to write one, too. Riffing off Kari's Idaho theme, I chose to write about Priest Lake, a gorgeous lake in North Idaho. My husband and I spent the weekend there, it was a fine time deserving of a poem.

Inspired too? I joyfully invite you to celebrate by writing a poem in the comments section below. It's a fun activity. You are part of The Feel Good Crew, so whatchya gonna do? 

There is this place called Priest Lake

it’s in the state of Idaho

lakeside is where we like to sleep

close our eyes and float

along the blue water of our dreams

timing was right to make the trip

zip up the road

the final clip, we put the boat in the water

motor hums and pushes us

along the thorofare moose sightings are common but not guaranteed

deep blue, oh look, there’s a beach

a love bug, a manatee and a couple of sandwiches

walking along the shore of this place we call Priest Lake
— Jill Lawrence, 13 September 2015