The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: Take a Winter Solstice Stroll

I took a Winter Solstice stroll at sundown. The Winter Solstice (or Summer Solstice if you live in the southern hemisphere) was December 21, 2015 at 11:48PM, but I didn't get my walk in until today. And it's all good. If you haven't taken a Solstice walk yet, there is still time. The shift of seasons is gradual, there are ample opportunities to sink into the thematics of this stunning season.

The Winter Solstice is the day of the year with the shortest amount of light. Then something amazing happens, the scale tips and the light begins to accrue again. We celebrate the darkness because with darkness comes the return of the light. I have found there is a beauty in drawing inward, hunkering down, getting snowed in. At times I become drawn so far inside my home that taking the Winter Solstice stroll helps bring a wider appreciation of the world into my heart.

As I strolled along, I had to be mindful of the ice, (in fact at times it was less of a stroll and more of a tip toe.) The wind, brutally cold, rushed against my face and ears. But I chose to be present and feel the cold air, as I walked curtly on the driveway. As we draw inward there are emotions that may surface which we would rather ignore. Emotions can be like that cold wind, hard to feel, even more difficult to ease into. I like to greet my emotions with gentleness, being mindful that they're with me and may have messages for me that I will benefit from listening to. Please be gentle with yourself if emotions arise while exploring your inner or outer landscape.

I liked taking the walk because I got out of my head and into my body. The featured pictures were taken during my walk. Living in such a beautiful place makes it easy to feel an immense amount of gratitude for this life.