The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: Unique Song

You have a unique message to deliver; a unique song to sing, a unique act of love to bestow. This message, this song, and this act of love have been entrusted exclusively to the one and only you.
— John Powell, S.J.

Jill plays her own unique song with her handmade drum.

This knowledge: there is only one of me, and that I have a unique song to sing; I am so thankful for it. It is what keeps me singing. It is what keeps me writing each week. It is what inspires me to give sessions of massage therapy and energy work with the intention of reminding people of their innate wholeness.

There is only one of you. What song is yours to sing? What dance steps move your heartbeat? Inhale deeply and feel your chest rise and fall, place a hand on your heart. Notice this moment. Notice this breath. You are alive and it is time to shine.

It is imperative that we share our unique song with the world. We are each a unique signature of time.

My friend, Robin Hallett, has written an inspiring post about this subject that I would like to share with you, you can read it here.

Share that sweet song of yours.