The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: Turn

I was driving home a few weeks ago and the sunset was blazing.  There were the perfect clouds to act as a canvas for the suns last dance before disappearing for the dark night.  As I rounded a curve and the beautiful view was demoted into the rearview mirror, I said "No.  I'm going to see this," and took the first opportunity to turn off and get a better view.  I hadn't ever been down this road before, and I thought well, "it's about time I checked this road out." So, I did.  As I made the turn, I immediately pulled over and got out of the car to catch a few pictures, this one included.  Then I got back in the car and went further down the unknown road, riding the curves, and marveling at the deep red of the sky.  I pulled over again, and got out.  The road had become gravel and mushy from the melting snow, my boots sinking in.  I walked close to the man-made creek that filtered the run off, and looked out into the field.  Pockets of water from snow-melt were resting on the field, and the sunset reflected upon them, mirror-like and effortless.  

Turning off the highway and taking the unknown road was a refreshing experience.  I loved the spontaneity of it.  I am mostly a creature of habit.  Shaking up my routine was a welcomed experience.  I invite you to give it a try.  Feel Good Crew, if this post inspires you, please comment below.  Weave the poetry of your experience into this tapestry.