The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: Transparency

My obligation is this:
To be transparent.
— Pablo Neruda

I have been practicing authenticity in my relationships. It's required me to be transparent with my feelings. It's a risky re-wire coming from a family that sweeps deep emotions under the rug in favor or operating above board. It's worth the sweat and deep breaths. Small steps have felt monumental to me as I unearth a voice that sings my needs.

This song is not brash or hurtful. It is a song that expresses my healthy boundaries and responds moment by moment in the ever-unfolding present. I have hurt myself. Plunged my authentic needs inside the midnight of my chest. Expressing my needs untangles a lifetime of twisted circuitry. It is a kindness. It is a language that nourishes relationships with others and the relationship to self.

Can you relate? Are our stories running together, side by side? Use my story as a sacred mirror to unfold your process. Remember, I'm practicing with you.