The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: May There Always Be Time For Dancing

Saturday, late afternoon:  It was a sunny day. The clouds were casting light and shadow among the trees and rolling fields.  I was heading up the mountain, heading home.  Maroon 5's song "Sugar" was playing on the radio.  I was enjoying the beautiful light of the sun, loving the song, and having fun.  I made it to the place on the road where the view gets really big, and you can see the mountains and buttes in the distance.  The view was behind me, and I decided to pull over and get out of the car to dance to the song a bit and check out the view.  A car came by, a bit embarrassed; I smiled and waved the driver on.  The driver was unexpected, in most instances I don't see many cars on the road, but that day, someone saw me smiling and dancing.  I have a smirk on my face remembering the moment.


May there always be time for dancing.


Dancing is my favorite form of expression.  I feel that I am fully in the moment.  I feel like there is nothing else, no worries, no fears.  When the music captures me, it's a powerful feeling.  I seize the moments when I hear a song and the rhythm and beat move thru my bones.  I get up and dance.