The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: Till

I have to till the soil before I plant my lettuce seeds. Then I have to water the soil. I have to create a cozy bed, a comfortable home for my seeds to grow in.  

A matrix of love and compassion. 

A matrix of hope for what's to come, for the fruit I will receive. 

I really did till the soil for my seeds. And, I have extended this metaphor of preparation: of "tilling the soil" to my hopes and dreams.

I ask myself: how can I best till the soil and prepare the bed, the fertile ground for my precious dreams to sprout upon? 

Example: with the hope of bringing new people to experience healing arts treatments at my office, I have "tilled the soil" by conducting a thorough spring cleaning.  

The above is just one of many examples. Rest assured, there are many ways we can prepare the way for our dreams to sprout. Feel into your heart, ask yourself what would most bring you joy, listen for the pulse of inspiration that will guide you in a nourishing way. 

I planted the lettuce seeds, this is what they look like today:


Happy Growth!