The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: The Pond

The Pond.  29 July 2015.  

The pond is a place I visit for






I sit or lay on the pond bank

Looking out, I see

Reflection of trees and sky 

On water

Birds hop and lilt

Limb to limb cattails and 

Grasses gently waving

I hear chittering, chirping

Singing of birds

Plop and plip of fish


Fluttering of dragonflys, their wings twisted as they world-tour embraced 

Rustling of cottonwood leaves

Cattails swishing

Beating of Great Blue Heron wings

He soars by, choosing not to land

Smell of grass and nature


Musky sweet 

Fly resting on my leg 

As I Wonder if that was a Kingfisher that landed in the limb of a far off tree

Arch my ear 

Anticipating its song

Engaged in presence and listening

I lay myself to rest

The pond, its grand depth

capable of holding


Worry, fear, anxiety, trauma

This place is healing, loving, restful

When I am faraway in distance from the pond

I visualize the pond

Its magnificence is timeless

I call upon it when I am in need of a break 

When I need solace or soothing

I remember this place

It is ours

I invite you to visit this place via visualization.  One way is to sit comfortably or lay on the floor, supported by blankets or pillows.  Settling into your breath, allow your eyes to flutter to a soft close.  Use your imagination to bring an image of a may see yourself resting that whatever your imagination brings is right for you.  You may enrich this visualization by thinking about sounds, smells, animals, textures.  When you've established this beautiful place, you may invite your worry/anxiety/fear to lay down and rest here.  It is safe and supportive.  You may do this for a few minutes, it doesn't take much time to feel the benefits of this healing practice.  This place of rest is something you may call on, always--it's yours.

Hi.  My name is Jill. I am a licensed massage therapist and healing arts practitioner.  I love writing this blog and helping people.  I invite you to explore my website to find out more about what I do.