The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: The Orchard

Still life in the orchard.  Apples, plums and turkey feathers.  6 September 2015.




Allow me to paint a scene for you, a scene -- so that you may dream.  Take a walk thru the door and step over the ledge into the outer world.  Cool air meets your skin, chilling your ears and cheeks; pulling your hood over your head you begin down the hill toward the orchard.  There is a mist lingering on the ground and the sky looms monochrome.  A deer and her fawns munch leaves off downed limbs.  Reaching the grove of plum trees you see the blue fruit hanging down.  Your hand reaches up to grab a morsel, the snap of the thin twig and it comes loose in your palm.  Fingering the flesh, the blue film is removed, revealing a deep purple skin.  The meat is ripe and gives under your fingers.  Eyes scanning, look at how many there are, abundant and magnificent.  There are a few more pieces you can reach and so you do, placing these gems in your pocket.

Sitting on a downed limb, pulling a plum out of your pocket and biting in, the flesh is golden.  Savoring the bite, the way the skin feels against your teeth.  You have another one, looking around you notice how the harvested fields glow ochre against the backdrop of the grey sky.  What a peaceful moment, all quiet except the beating wings of a raven as it makes its way home to roost.  A few pieces of fruit and you stand up, your legs feel heavy and the impending rain signals it's time to go back thru the doorway, back to the beautiful dwelling that's your house.




The orchard. It is an abundant place with much fruit, yet its apex is fleeting.  Some years there are more apples.  Other years there are not very many, so we are made to savor the few there are.  And rejoice for all the apples we preserved the previous Autumn (because we haven't eaten them all yet!)  How could we have known that there wouldn't be many this year?  Well, we didn't.  We just take what comes.  

By simple omission of the abundance of apples this year we find ourselves moved to cherish the italian plums.  Although I will have to climb the ladder to pick the majority of them, they taste fantastic.  Flavor is full and juicy.  Made to wonder, what will I make with the plums?  My money is on a plum sauce, just a simple way to preserve them, so that they can be enjoyed thru the remainder of the year.

Autumn, similar to the fruit, does not last very long.  There is a wistful number of weeks that are so delightful and we hold onto the reins as the stallions race toward the seasons first snows.  We ache and savor Autumn -- we know it won't last.  We know what is to come.


The Wisdom of The Plum


I have been enjoying the plums I picked for a few days now, I observed something that relates to the chakras.  The deep purple or indigo of the plum skin brings the sixth chakra to mind, located on the physical body near the brow area.  This energy center is about intuition and the creative force of ideas, how they manifest in the world.  I notice the inner fruit of the plum is yellow, which relates to the third chakra, located on the physical body on the belly.  This energy center is about how we are seen in the world, how we see ourselves and our empowerment.  

Practicing Polarity Therapy (an energy balancing style of bodywork,) I have noticed that these two chakras have a relationship with each other.  They support each other...we have vision about a project we would like to bring into the world (sixth chakra) and we need our sense of self to be strong (third chakra) to bring it into being.  I imagine the desire of the tree building the fruit, purple skin first and growing--manifesting its yellow fruit. Wisdom of self becoming riper until it is realized and sweet for the tastebuds of animals.  The fruit is of service and has its own design to fulfill.  I am grateful I am a part of it.