The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: The Great Stillness of Nature

But there was something else here that was not anywhere else. It was an enormous stillness that made you feel still. And when you were still, you could feel great stillness coming closer.
— Laura Ingalls Wilder, "By the Shores of Silver Lake, 1939

The Stillness.  4 February 2013.

What a great stillness we feel when looking out at a big view.  Whether land or water, when we see enormous stillness, we are stilled within.  The above picture was from a morning of this quality.  I remember taking my walk and looking out on these big untouched fields of snow, the quietude of Winter, and the sunlight.  A stillness developed as I looked out to the expanse beyond, the hills and the way the light shone on them.  A big breath of fresh air and a quieting, a memory that I can call on, remembering the peace felt within.