The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: The Beauty of Blooming

Every Spring the plants bloom.  Such beauty in that blooming.  Winter is a time of rest and rejuvenation, as the Sun begins to shine, each plant builds it's energy until one day there is enough strength for leaves and flowers to burst forth.  What a sight.  And the smell is oh-so subtle--yet intoxicating.

Apple tree with pink and white blooms.  Around sunset.  16 May 2014.

Soon the flowers will wilt, and the tree will offer the earth it's thousands of tiny petals, creating a blanket of beauty upon the dirt.  What a treat to walk upon those many petals.  The fruit will come next, delicious and juicy.

Pear tree.  Branches reaching high to gather the light.  Around sunset.  16 May 2014.

I walk through the middle of this grove of trees and the buzzing of the bees is overwhelming.  Their music is happy.  Full of movement and depth.  The birds fly in and out, their song commingling with the buzzing, something so simple and beautiful.  All amidst this beautiful blooming.

Pear and Apple trees.  Walking through the trees, I am immersed in the song of nature.  Around sunset.  16 May 2014.

Getting closer to the blooms we see the depth of their colors.  Pink that fades into white.  So temporary, I want to take in every breath, see every movement and moment of their short zenith. 

Close up of Apple tree branches.  The buds.  The petals look like they have been carefully painted with pink watercolor paint, so subtle is their hue.  16 May 2014.