The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: Tell It

  Tell it! A experience. Expand.  

Tell it! A experience. Expand. 

Over the Memorial Day Weekend many of us have the lushness of an extra day off of work.  Having an extra day gives a sense of spaciousness...exactly what is needed to unwind. We may choose to spend the long weekend with family.  We may choose to spend it with our family of friends, AKA "framily."  We may choose solitude.  I invite you to share a piece of your life...a part of your story with your companions.  If you have time in solitude, I invite you to explore with writing. Yesterday I took time to write about a concern I have, and the act of writing and being creative, positively shifted my perspective.

From my experience of telling, (or sharing,) I find that the act of giving voice to what is in my heart, helps transmute fear into acceptance.  Telling my story requires me to reflect on what is important in my life; in this reflection an expansion occurs.  The pool of water is deep and the trees are tall.  A deep drink and an expansive exhale, releasing the past.

 The telling is twilight  

The sigh is stars 

Twinkling, covering you descending 

Blanketing your feet 

Bats dance in the distance

A fine evening for a night on the town