The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: Take a Ride on The Path

Are you on the path?  Jump on!  In Northern Idaho we have a scenic "rails to trails" bike path.  Riding along Lake Chatcolet at Heyburn State Park was lovely.

Jill riding her vintage Schwinn cruiser on the "rails to trails" path along Lake Chatcolet.  1 June 2014.

Most cities have paths along lakes or rivers.  Jump on your bike and check it out.  It feels so relaxing to ride along the water, seeing the wildlife and watching the beauty of nature.  The day I went on the bike path, there was so much lupine in bloom on the steep hillsides, tall and purple.

Jill riding her bike on the Chatcolet Bridge at Lake Chatcolet, Heyburn State Park.  1 June 2014.


I'll see you on the path!


Jill riding her bike along Lake Chatcolet, Heyburn State Park.  1 June 2014.