The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: Swing!

Swing!  Get to the park, or maybe you have a swing set in your own back yard!  Swinging makes us feel like we are flying!

Jill swinging at Heyburn State Park play ground.  1 June 2014.

I grew up with the most wonderful swing set.  My Dad is a carpenter and he doesn't mess around.  If there is something that needs doing, he gets to it and does it right.  Our swing set is tall, reaches into the great maple trees, and is rooted deeply-- set in concrete.  My friends and I would swing in our yard all afternoon during summer vacation.  We would tire ourselves pumping our legs and going higher and higher thru the air.  Sometimes an older brother would walk by and give us an underdog--then we'd really soar!  What a feeling...completely absorbed with the wind pushing across my skin, suspended and flying.

Jill flies thru the air with the greatest of ease!  1 June 2014.

Do you remember that feeling of soaring?  The feeling of your own weight as you ride the curve, the great arc.  Legs pressing straight, and then curling in, pumping to sustain the soaring.

What a great time.  1 June 2014.

Stop by the park on your way home and jump on the swing.  Let yourself be transported.  Swinging is a sensation-based experience.  Allow yourself to relish in the feeling of the wind rushing thru your hair.  Your hands gripping the chains.  Your legs extending and curling in.  Your breath.  Enjoy swinging today.  It certainly Feels Good.

Jill swinging as high as she can.  1 June 2014.