The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: Supple

We visited the lake.  The waterlilies, pink and sweet are a flush.  They are a sight.  Living on the water, they have learned to not fight the waves.  Upon observation I found them to be great teachers.  As the wind blows or the boats create waves on the water, they remain supple and move with a peacefulness.  I made a video for you, so you can experience their beauty.  May their display of supple grace be a moment of solace for you.

After I observed and took video of the waterlilies, we went on a boat ride.  The water was choppy in the shallow parts of the lake.  I reminded my body to remain supple as we rode over the big waves.  I asked myself, how can I embody the message of the waterlilies?  How may I remain supple in body and attitude?  I invite you to explore this, too.  To be inspired by the ease of nature is a delightful experience.  Weave your story among the lilies by commenting below.