The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: Stretch

Stretching Feels Good.


Kelsey in Vriksasana, "Tree Pose."  Woody the dog smiles at the camera.

Stretching develops body awareness.  When we stretch a certain part of our body, we get in touch with that part of our body.  Stretching is like saying "hello" to ourselves.

Kelsey in Prasarita Padottanasana, "Seperate Leg Forward Fold."  Woody the dog looks over, lovingly.

Try stretching in-between meetings or in-between emails.  Shifting our focus from our "to-do list" to our bodies is helpful.  When we take breaks from our work to relax, we can be more calm and focused when we continue our work.  Calm and focused = more productive.

Kelsey in Natarajasana, "Lord of the Dance Pose."  Woody the dog looks to the distance.

Stretching is a simple way to connect with our bodies.  Remember to approach stretching with gentleness.  Less is more.  Notice how a small amount of stretching effects your entire body.


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