The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: Space Clearing Ritual for Summer Solstice

The solstices are times of great power, they are sacred pauses. In the summer there is the longest day of the year, in the winter there is the shortest day of the year. Then the scale tips and the sun begins it's decline (the day after summer solstice) or it's great march to fullness (the day after winter solstice.) In the pause, that beautiful moment before the scale tips, we are gently held. We are seen. 


I have been holding close to my heart the beauty of summer solstice; what I find striking is the support of the sun. In it's fullness, the sun is supporting us with all it's being, height, and power. Can you feel the support? You may be nodding your head yes, but if you're shrugging your shoulders, I invite you to observe where in your life things are going right. What is feeling easy? Perhaps it's in a relationship or with your sacred work on the planet...maybe you've been keeping up with life's demands so gracefully you haven't noticed. If you can't think of anything that is going right in your life, I invite you to take a deep breath and connect with your inhale and exhale. Ask: what am I needing in this moment that I'm not receiving? Listen to the song of your heart now. Tenderly place your hand on your heart.

After this process is complete take your favorite instrument in your hand(s.) Feel the texture of the object, the weight. Say a prayer and ask that the room you're in be filled with the energy and light of the sun. Begin playing your instrument. Sit in one place or move around the room; do what feels fun. I love to use a bell for this ritual. I've also used a rattle, drum, guitar, whistle, and my own two hands. Clapping your hands works beautifully if you don't have an instrument.

When you feel complete, take a moment to be in silence. Notice the sensation of your skin. Can you feel the energy in the room? Notice what you notice.

This is a simple ritual to infuse your home with light. We honor the sun now, for all the support he gives us.