The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: Snail Mail a Friend

A smattering of saved envelopes that friends and family have written to me.  30 July 2014.  

Snail mail is wonderful.  There is nothing quite like receiving a letter in the mail from friends or family.  When I get a letter in the mail, I am absolutely thrilled!!!

A decorated envelope ready to be sent out to a friend, rests a top my Mother's 1967 Olympia typewriter.  1 March 2014.

Some people say Snail Mail is dead, but I beg to differ, as does a whole populous of folks who keep the tradition alive.  Check out #snailmail & #snailmailrevolution on Social Media.  This tradition IS Old Skool.  So, one may ask: why letter writing, why now, when there are such easier ways to communicate with people?

Envelope art.  Kinda reminds me of Frida Kahlo, maybe it's the eyebrows?  1 March 2014.

The reason I Snail Mail today is that it puts a person right in my hands.  I can feel the paper they wrote on.  See the ink or pencil, look at their handwriting.  Get a sense of how the person REALLY is.  It's like I can hear their voice. Like we're sitting on a park bench together and the person is telling me what's on their heart while we watch the sunset.  

A smattering of cards that friends and family have mailed me.  30 July 2014.

When I write a friend a response, I can reach out and tell them how much I care, and engage with them.  I get to tell the story of my life, as I move my hands across the page.  To write a letter is to take the time.  We may think we don't have the time.  But I'm quite sure there is a way to carve it out.  Snail Mail a friend.  Your friend or family member will be SO happy that you did...and so will you.