The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: Smooth it Out

My husband has been using the tractor to smooth out the gravel on our driveway. As I watch his slow, detail-oriented process, I begin to wonder, what in my life needs smoothing? Further, can I give myself time to tend to what needs smoothing? Yes, I can. For me, smoothing out was putting the clean clothes that were sitting atop the washing machine away. Smoothing out was picking up my boots from under the table and placing them in their best spot. It isn't deep. It doesn't need to be. 

I watch my husband lower the tractor blade and push a pile of rock toward an uneven place. Then he drives all the way down to the road and comes back up, grating the rock flat. Again and again. He creates the foundation before the ice and snow come. He watches the grade with the precision of a sculptor, imagining how water will flow. He does his work in advance, subverting potential for ice pockets to form.

It's maintenance. We have to do it. What can you smooth today? Is there a task that is approachable, something that will pave the way for the seasons to come?