The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: Smell The Lilacs

I can think of nothing as transcendent as smelling Lilacs.  They make me happy.  Lilacs are food for fairies, and you can find fairies flitting about them,'ll see.  Oh, they are the sweetest smelling thing.  I take each chance I have to smell them while they are in bloom.  I smelled them once yesterday (only one time, could have been more) on the edge of a parking lot.  I pulled up with my parents and I walked right over to the thicket to smell them--no hesitation.  

My Mother, Margene, would most likely tell you the story about how much my friend, Leah and I love Lilacs.  We would utterly...gush about them when the stand bloomed aside the driveway of my childhood home.  The message for today, my friends--is quite simple, and in that simplicity is the beauty:  Smell the Lilacs.  Don't miss them.  They are there for you now, to enjoy.  They only bloom once a year.  For me smelling Lilacs and reveling in their beauty is a number one reason to live and love.  Time is short, they won't be here for long.