The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: Small Repairs

Bricks and stones hold up the old barn.  Big stones and tiny stones, each stone has its place.  I imagine that some stones were added as needed--small repairs over the years.  Small repairs are a good thing.  The small repairs save us from having to do a major overhaul on our foundation.  Fixing problems as they come along helps-- before things get worse.  I ask myself this morning, "What small repairs are needed in my life?"  One small repair I am going to do today is to take a walk in the sunshine, get some fresh air.  I spent a lot of time indoors this weekend, so getting outdoors seems like a caring, small repair.  Marc and I are continually keeping on task with our wedding plans.  Yesterday was a big day for getting invitations ready, again--taking care of a task before it becomes monstrous.  Keeping up with tasks before they get "out of control," seems like a small repair to me.  How can I stop the foundation from crumbling?  By continually caring and taking notice of what needs my attention, moment by moment.