The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: Shore


Take a break 


Come to shore


Dancing in the waves of the ocean is an exciting place to be.  I imagine being a mermaid and whipping and diving thru the gigantic pulsing of the water.  Salmon, whales, starfish, and dolphins swim with me.  Kelp, like silky combs brush over my fins.  After weeks of being at sea, I know it is time to come to shore and rest upon the rocks at sunrise, the last twinkling of stars smiling down on me.  This is the time when I take the great vantage point of being away from the big pulse, away long enough to get a larger perspective.  I hear the barking of seals in the distance.  I think to the beauty of all the creatures in the sea and am grateful that I live amongst them.  I am relieved to have this other part of my life, this part where I am on shore.  It's a fantastic break, it's a healing respite.  The stars have faded now, the sun is full over the horizon.  I see another mermaid, a friend--swimming my way.  I look forward to this time I spend with her.  There is a rock next to mine, which you may rest upon.  Take a break from the pull of the oceans tides and sit with me here.  It is a fine place to look upon the vastness of water, and feel rooted upon the beach, at least for a little while.