The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: Roots

Tree drawing by Jill Aiman, March 2014.

Let your roots dig deep.  Unfurl, sense the spreading, and the feeling of a firm base that develops.  Big roots afford us to have big flowers and leaves, strong branches and wide reach.  Roots afford us the stability to dance with the wind.  And remain flexible when life throws us a curve-ball.

This beautiful metaphor can be experienced in our body.  Here's a way to explore:  Sit on a chair with your feet on the ground, feeling your sits bones in the chair, and your spine--tall.  Close your eyes if that feels good, or simply soften your eyes.  Feel your feet contacting the floor.  Press your feet into the floor, move your ankles and toes around a bit, in order to establish the connection to your feet and to draw your attention downward.  Allow your feet to become still, letting them relax.  Continue to sense your feet, while bringing your attention to your breath.  Do this for two or three minutes.  Let the contact your feet are making with the floor and your breath become connected.

My feet began to feel heavy and more connected with the floor, I began to sense my body feeling lighter, and softening.  This was a pleasant sensation.  

I invite you to explore the concept of being rooted and see what that can inspire in your emotional or spiritual view.  I also invite you to explore the practice of feeling your feet, that which roots us to the ground; as you make your way thru the day.