The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: Remember, You are Loved

Paramount Theatre, Oakland, CA. 21 August 2015.

You, yes. I can see you in the lights, I can see the way you shimmer. You are loved and appreciated. I send you this message today as we come up on the winter holidays because some of us have a little bit of wacky in our families, and this time of year can trigger fears and past pain. I encourage you to remember that you are loved. Take a moment and be here with me. Lets pause and close our eyes and say ever so gently in our minds eye I am loved. And so it is. If any bumps come up this holiday season, whether the turkey comes out dry or you worry you don't have enough money for all the gifts; remember that I am here. I have your back, and I will always remind you that you are Loved (with a capital L.)