The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: Read Rumi

I was reading the poem "Each Note" by Rumi, just the other day! 26 February 2016.

When I need inspiration or hope, I read Rumi. When I need to reconnect with myself and the world around me, I read Rumi. When I need a pick-me-up, I read Rumi. 

Who is Rumi? Rumi was a 13th century Persian poet. His work is greatly celebrated When I read Rumi's poems, I feel connected to source energy. I feel invigorated. Please join me, and countless others who have fallen in love with his timeless poetry. 

Why should we grieve that we’ve been sleeping?
It doesn’t matter how long we’ve been unconscious.

We’re groggy, but let the guilt go.
Feel the motions of tenderness
around you, the buoyancy.
— Rumi, an excerpt from the poem "Buoyant"