The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: Prayer Flags

All objects seem to have story, don't they?  The story these objects tell revolve around women in my life, and how they loved and supported me during my wedding.  The cedar chest belonged to my Aunt Jeanette.  The colored photographs were amassed and framed by Leah in honor of our friendship for my bridal shower.  The black and white photographs peeking up from the back are of my Aunt Jeanette at her first wedding, she was 19 years old.  The flowered fabric, pink and green, was part of my bridal shower gift from Erica.

Do objects create meaning in our life?  Do objects encapsulate memory?  Objects seem to remember for us, times in our life.  They can anchor us back and beyond.  What we keep and what we let go of, may it always be evolving like we are.


Prayer Flags


From flowers and their life-giving seeds spring friendships that unite

Thru passage of time both forgetting and remembering

Thread sews us together

Wind of life creates prayer flags out of each of us

We wave at each other:  moments in time caught on the same shudder of the breeze

Part ways and slide down the string

Curling and uncurling around the sacred rope

United with light although we are apart

Meet me again and again

On this beautiful walk of life

Hello!  My name is Jill.  

I am a practicing licensed massage therapist and healing arts practitioner.  

We each have a unique purpose in this life.  Part of mine is to help people feel they are supported on their beautiful walk of life.  

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