The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: Picnic at Home


The Pleasures of Home

I thought a picnic sounded like a relaxing thing for Marc and I to do on Friday evening.  My idea was to pack up our new picnic basket (a wedding gift!) jump in the car and drive to a pretty spot we both admire.  As we talked it over, neither of us wanted to drive the distance to the pretty picnic spot so we came up with a brilliant solution:  let's have a picnic at our house!  

This was a beautiful compromise, I was able to get creative in the kitchen with prepping the food and loading up our basket.  It was very fun and I had been looking forward to the delight of it. And staying at home proved to be perfect for us because I knew that I needed to unwind and have time to relax, even though my mind was saying don't waste this beautiful something.  (Well, if going on a picnic is a waste of a beautiful night, then we need to waste nights more often, my dear.)

Marc carried our chairs and I carried our basket, we had decided to picnic near our pond, an outlook where we could see the water.  I laid down the picnic blanket which had belonged to my Grandmother and began by sitting atop the flowered blanket.  I began unloading the basket and served some vanilla cream soda.  We laid the cloth napkins on our laps.  We found ourselves picnicking on an evening in June.  Marc said "This is the best picnic I've ever been on."  I agreed, it was truly beautiful.  

Staying in our own backyard had its benefits.  We lounged and looked out at the landscape for as long as we liked, knowing that we didn't have to drive home.  We enjoyed the features of our own backyard, which in a busy life--sometimes we can miss them, even though they are right there!  It was a break from the normal.  We let the landscape entertain us, we felt the warm air on our skin, and as the air turned cool, wrapped a blanket around our shoulders.  

I invite you to have a picnic in your own backyard, we don't have to travel far to have a soiree that is out of the ordinary and special.  All we have to do is be imaginative and embrace the moment.  If you live in an apartment and do not have a yard, I can imagine having a picnic in the living room.  Slide the coffee table into the corner and lay down your favorite blanket and picnic there.  Share your adventures of a stay at home picnic by commenting below.