The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: Nibbles


A gray jay pauses on a shepherd's hook.  His friends near by.  They fly together.  Tree to tree.  From tree to tree they fly until they meet the bird feeder.  Having a bite of food.  Going tree to tree again, thru the forest, back to their nest.  

I like remembering this metaphor when contemplating healing.  Flying tree to tree.  Our friends are near by.  A gray jay will come to the bird feeder, and have a few bites of food, nibbles really.  Then flit off with his friends, flying to the next tree, continuing.  I have found that taking tiny nibbles at the areas of my life in need of healing; the size of nibble a bird beak will break off the suet block, are plenty big for one sitting.  Nibbles of healing, bite-sized seeds of insight can shift the lens which I see life thru.

Big ol' Bursts of insight are wonderful.  At times, my ego tells me that a big ol' burst of insight is what I need to move forward or have a break thru in perception.  Although they are powerful fuel, a big ol' burst of insight can leave me tired and in need of rest.  I like the way of the gray jay, flying tree to tree.  Nibbles of healing.  It's a consistent way of being, my friends beside me, as we soar thru the air, eyes open, the next tree is not far away.

Once upon a time, in a group healing circle, my friend, Robin Hallett mentioned the idea of taking "bite size chunks" out of our healing process.  This kindness helped inspire this entry.  Thank you, Robin.