The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: Multiply Joy

  Hens and chicks, the way they multiply is insanely beautiful.

Hens and chicks, the way they multiply is insanely beautiful.

It has been found that if you commit a kind act it helps you feel better.  It has also been found that if you multiply the frequency with which you commit kind acts; you will feel even better.  To illustrate:  I like to write letters to my friends.  If I write a letter to one friend, that makes me feel good; if I write letters to four or five friends, I feel exponentially more of that good feeling.  

Our joys multiply, like the hens and chicks.  I am taken aback by the way their leaves are so thick and seemingly full to the brim.  Despite their fullness, they find a way to continue springing joy, multiplying their new blossoms.

Even though my plate is full, I am going to explore what it would feels like to multiply joy.  A thought springs up:  If it helps me feel better to do kind things for others, and the more I do--the better I feel; would I feel better the more kind acts I commit for myself?  It seems that this would be true.  If I do one kind thing for myself, it will help me feel better.  But, if I do four or five kind things for myself will that make me feel way better?  I am curious about this.  I wonder if it will work...let's put a new spin on multiplying joy...kind acts for others, kind acts for ourselves.  Being kind to others is being kind to ourselves--we give ourselves the opportunity to be in direct contact with our compassion and kindness.  Taking care of ourselves can be a many pronged approach.  I invite you to come on a journey with me, to be curious about what multiplies your joy.  

Does this inspire you?  Weave your curiosities into this tapestry by commenting below.  You are part of The Feel Good Crew, you are welcome here.