The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: Merging

for we all have
our own

and mists
and abysses

to return to.
— Sanober Khan

Yes, there are abysses and twilights we wish to merge with.  What is it about these soft spaces that make them so inviting?  SOFT:  yielding to pressure; easily divided or changed in shape.   I see the softness we crave creating a doorway.  A door way to pleasure and lightness.

Abysses, twilights and mists are places with edges.  Edges are important -- they are where information can pass from one eco-system to dream to another dream.  Edges are places of wonder and depth.

When we walk on the edge, we are exploring what is possible for us.  We walk on the edge to "try on" a new perspective or way of being.  We merge with that which we are and that which we would like to be.  I believe that is why the mists, twilights and abysses are intriguing...these places of unknown invite us to soften and venture into our hearts where it is possible to drop our rules.  I ask myself now, am I vigilant in acting anguished about a certain relationship?  Am I invested in ways of being that don't serve me?  Some moments the answer is "yes."  And then I ask myself how can I drop my anguish and my story around pain?  Turns out the answer isn't always crystal clear.

I find my mind wandering to this:  "If I just follow the rules, I won't have to worry about messing up."  Beyond that sentiment lies the truth:  I want to merge and soften with love and empowerment.  Don't want to feel like I have to control myself or follow the rules.  Merging with the mist can be uncertain.  But merging (or softening) doesn't have to be big or scary.  It is at its best when approached moment to moment.  Sitting on a chair with our feet on the floor we can close our eyes, perhaps placing a hand on our heart or belly for support.  Tracking our breath, inhale and exhale...begin to notice what arises when we make contact with our inner landscape, when we merge with that abyss or twilight that lives within us.  Noticing the sensations of our breath and the softness under our skin, we can delight and be curious about the mist that rises from our loving presence.  I use the words "we" and "our" because I am doing this practice with you.  We are walking this edge together.  

To find out more about my offerings please visit the Spa Menu.  I am excited to continue merging with my visions of how I can help others with my work.  I will be adding some new services and descriptions in the coming weeks.