The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: Low Tech Morning

Still life of my "no technology morning." 20 January 2016.

I gifted myself a morning with no technology. It was wonderful. I invite you to give yourself a low-tech morning and see if it changes the tone of your day. If so, how?

The reason: I have noticed that I'm going to my cellphone first thing in the morning. I tend to be scattered when I do this.

What I did instead: I woke up and sat at my altar for a bit. I went downstairs. I felt inspired to go outside, slipped my boots on, pressed "play" on the coffee machine. Walked about outside, visited our Apacheta (rock cairn) and offered gifts. I came back inside, poured a cup and sat down on the cozy chair. Paper and pencil and a good read, I curled up for about 30 minutes. I wrote 3 morning pages and read. Showered, made breakfast, and digested. 

The Result: I felt like I had a relaxing morning. I was contained within the walls of my own life, able to be present with my family. My mind wasn't wandering all over the map like it does when I'm checking social media or email. It felt really good. Grounded. Basic. Rooted. On the other-hand, it felt strange to be purposefully untethered. I became aware of my habits with my phone once I put it off limits. It was an insightful process.

Technology has become a huge part of my life. Monitoring my usage and involvement is positive for my mind/body/soul/spirit. I encourage you to try this and find out if you have a similar experience or a different experience. Be curious to what arises for you.