The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: Love Altar

Love is an immutable force, a wind that brushes against my lips. A hurricane rocking my hips. A placid lake. Love can caress my wounds. Love can dress me ecstatic. Love can unbridle me. Wrap me: a corset of thorns. Love is the answer. It behooves us to honor it. A benevolent force that dances thru our lives, love is a tall tree deeply rooted and eagerly reaching toward the sky.


I could love you
as dry roots love rain.
I could hold you
as branches in the wind
brandish petals.
Forgive me for speaking so soon.

Let your heart look
on white sea spray
and be lonely.

Love is a fool star.

You and a ring of stars
may mention my name
and then forget me.

Love is a fool star.
— Carl Sandburg

Love altar. 8 February 2016. Photo by Jill Lawrence.


Build an altar for LOVE


Monday night, 2/08/2016, was the new moon in Aquarius and the Chinese New Year of the Fire Monkey. I felt inspired to build a love altar in honor of the lunar holidays and upcoming Valentine's Day. I was moved to incorporate my new pink bureau! It is delightfully tiny and perfect to sit on a table. I filled the cubbies with candles, roses, match boxes, and gemstones. The bundle of dried, pink roses is from our Spring wedding. I incorporated pictures of my husband and I, statues of lovers, candles, and feathers.

We can incorporate all sides and phases of love into our love altar: self-love, romantic love, familial love, compassion, service, love for our bodies, forgiveness, love for our friendships, love for nature, gratitude, love for our younger selves, etc...

Incorporate objects that inspire you. Let your heart guide you, Let your heart be your dance partner. Swing your hips and embrace your life in all its abundance, fullness, and grace.