The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: Love

Love print.  Cabin on Lake Chatcolet.  September 2014.

My friends and I stayed at a cabin at Lake Chatcolet in September.  In the kitchen, we sat up visiting about our adventures, sitting at the wooden table.  A spread of food, smoked salmon, cheese, crackers, fruit.  On the wall across from where I sat, hung this framed print.  All about Love.  At first look, I glanced over it--thinking the style of it was outdated.  As I allowed myself to look closer, I really took in the message about Love.  As I write this post today, what strikes me, is how I can notice the ways I allow myself to Love, and the ways I block myself from Loving.  It is easy for me to allow Love into my life by being kind to others.  But I may block myself from Love because I am envious of others.  This awareness about how I allow or do not allow Love is revealing and inspiring.  It inspires me to allow more Love into my life, and to think of Love in more expansive ways.