The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: Lighthouse, light my way

Dear Lighthouse, 

Light my way, won't you light my way

Shine your heart light

Break thru the fog

Lighthouse, I need to see you

Your sure beam.

Use the metaphor of the lighthouse to lighten your load. Ask yourself, where in your life can you use support, and what can lend you its strength? The lighthouse has a large reach, and is easy for us to lean against. Something small, like an inspirational book, can prop up our spirit just as powerfully. 

I imagine myself out at sea, in a big boat. Distressed, the long night wearing me down. And then a light appears. The relief I would feel would be so powerful, knowing I was close to shore, and didn't have to fumble in the dark anymore.

There are times in life when our burdens are heavy. Don't press on. Pause and look for the lighthouse. There is a light shining for you.

Look here hol’ up
You got a lot goin’ on
I can see
By the way you walk
And how you got your shoulders on
Baby everybody get wet
When the rain is falling
Can’t stop now ‘cause the wind is foreign
It’s a fact
Of the universe
That sometimes
Life is pain
And it can hurt
But I know
That it’ll get better
Because you’ve gone through worse
— Jill Scott, "Lighthouse"