The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: Just Visiting

Pack your suitcase, we will pretend that we are just visiting.

Pack your suitcase, we will pretend that we are just visiting.

Today, I invite you to pretend that you are "just visiting." What if we imagine that our everyday surroundings:  our coffee pot (or juicer,) our home, our view, etc.; are those of a fabulous hotel in a city we've never visited before.  Let's pretend that we are just visiting.  

I was driving home yesterday, and I saw the landscape with new eyes.  I paid attention to everything.  I remembered the first few times that Marc brought me to our home, and how beautiful I thought everything was.  It hit me, "I'm just visiting."  I noticed how the beautiful scenery became just that…scenery.  I wanted to notice again.  As I drove along, I thought it's all temporary, and I must enjoy each view as it passes by.  Let's enjoy this beautiful ride.

With new eyes:  stand at your window, look out, adjust your feet and connect with the floor.  Feel your legs.  Look at all the details that make up the picture you are seeing.  For example, there is a roof-top to the left, wires and birds sitting on them, a tree with spring buds, a dog just walked by on the sidewalk…  Keep going, take it all in.  Just for today, pretend you're just visiting, notice your surroundings as if it were the first time.

What experience did you have embodying this practice?  Weave your threads in this tapestry by commenting below.