The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: Just Be

The sturdy rock fits solidly in the palm of my hand, my fingers curl around it.  Be.  "Just BE!" The rock says.  My friend and fellow practitioner of healing arts, Barbara Rose painted this rock.  She calls her painted rocks "Love Rocks."  Yes, what a fine name because love really rocks.  It feels good to hold this rock in my hand, to feel the weight.  Having the presence of the rock, noticing it's texture and size, anchors me in being.

Just BEing is the greatest thing I can do.  If I "Just BE!" I automatically quit trying to be something I'm not...someone I'm not.  When I'm trying to be more like someone else instead of myself, I realize (though not always quickly,) that it doesn't work.  I get contorted, pinched, upset, or something of that variety.  I feel separate, not enough. 

The above picture, that's me.  I'm Jill.  If you're new to the Feel Good Crew, I welcome you.  When I took this picture, I thought to myself, "don't smile, don't put on a show, just be...record the moment, don't contort it."  Be.  I invite you to step into moments of pure being today.  See what happens when you open to the intention of "Just BE."

What if I took a cue from the painted Love Rock?  What if I painted Just BE! across my chest?  What if every time you saw me, you saw Just BE!?  What would this reminder inspire in your thoughts, what about your body?  What if each time you saw Just BE!, you took a nice long breath, let your shoulders drop, your face relax?  What if I was a potent reminder of Being?  I invite you to see this in me, see my experiences and my expressions as moments of pure being.