The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: Inner Wisdom

Art piece by Jill.  5 August 2015.


Listen to your inner wisdom

Allow it to fill your heart


Slow down 

settle in, a deep breath

release, a big exhale to the sky

perhaps you close your eyes

notice, is there a tingling around your heart

is there a blockade

switch your focus from your brain to

your heart

go back and forth, brain to heart, heart to brain

develop a connection between your brain and heart

All that is necessary for this practice is a few moments.  When I connect to the sensations around my heart I experience the sensation that my body is grounded (connected.)  It seems we live in our brains (or heads) most of the time.  I use this practice to connect to myself, to make contact with inner wisdom.  The intention of switching focus between heart and brain is to connect these two centers, so that we may live in ease and grace.

What the heck does it all mean?  There are moments in life when we feel disconnected from our purpose or get caught in worry.  We are "stuck in our heads."  When this happens, we can practice pausing, from there we try to connect with the physical sensations in our chest, (heart.)  Once we establish the heart connection, we can travel up notice how our head/brain feels.  Then we can experiment with going back and forth, feeling our hearts, feeling our heads.  Within this communication/exchange our inner wisdom can begin to sing.