The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: I'll Meet You There


I began reading Tara Brach's book Radical Acceptance yesterday afternoon.  This Rumi quote is featured on the page before the Foreword.  When I read this quote, I knew I was in the right place, a big exhale, I was home.  (And excited to be reading her book!)  This has been a favorite Rumi quote of mine for years; it is part of the poem called A Great Wagon, and by my reckoning-- seems to be one of Rumi's most celebrated works.  As we go thru our day today perhaps we can use this quote as a touch stone.  A place to pause.  Perhaps we can Play by using this quote as a theme for our day.  Remembering that beyond our ideas and our thoughts, there is a peaceful place we can go--where we can lay down our burdens and our worries.  There is a field, we can rest in this field.  We can meet each other there.

Is this one of your favorite Rumi quotes, too?  What is your experience with this quote?  How did it move you?  Share your story or your thoughts in the comments below.  You are part of The Feel Good Crew.  You are welcome here.  

My Story:  A dear friend of mine has this quote as her Email Signature, I always love seeing this at the end of her messages as we email back and forth.  A Memory:  The same dear friend dropped off my first Rumi book and a beautiful blue candle at my doorstep for a birthday gift one year.  Although the candle has burned down, I still use the book often.  Thank you.