The Feel Good Idea Of The Day: Home

My heart is a house, I live here.  


I live here, within the walls of my heart.

There has been a tussle within me, a struggle.  A back and forth.  Life long, my struggle has been how much I weigh.  It is difficult to admit this, but it's true.  Can you relate to my struggle?  Can you see yourself written amongst these words?  My struggle is with more than what I weigh, it is deeper.  Yet often, it is the surface layer which we have easiest access to, so these "surface" issues can take the blunt of our blame.    It takes courage to go deeper, to allow the work our soul is asking us to do to rise up and be seen.

Now and again, this struggle rears its head.  Beckons me to find a cure, something that will last forever, a permanent change.  This desire for the cure causes more struggle.  

I go back to this:


My heart is a house, I live here.


We can always come home to our hearts.  Our hearts are houses. Within our hearts there are libraries of information about what our true desires are and what nourishment is best for us.


Holding my heart in my hands


Breathing life into my heart

My heart expands



Effortlessly, questions and answers appear


Are you willing to give up the struggle? Yes.

Will you remain curious? Yes.

Will you remember to come home, home to your heart? Yes.

This post is dedicated to Robin Hallett, her blog and illustrations helped inspire this post.  This post is also dedicated to another angel in my life--who has reminded me, anything is possible when we make contact with our hearts.